February 1, 2017 – Sundar Industrial Estate – The Board of Management Sundar Industrial Estate hosted a meeting with MD SNGPL Mr. Amjad Latif at it’s head office in Sundar Industrial Estate. The occasion served as the setting of several constructive announcements by Mr. Latif, who promised uninterrupted high quality gas supply to the residents of SIE as well as facilitation for new connections. President Haroon Arshad welcomed Mr. Amjad Latif’s on behalf of BOMSIE and thanked him for his goodwill visit to alleviate any concerns of the industrial community.
Sundar Industrial Estate is the flagship industrial estate project of the Punjab government and encompasses 450 leading factories from various industrial sectors. Mr. Amjad Latif commended the Board of Management for it’s outstanding performance and support during the severe energy crisis of the past: “I have said it on several platforms and on many occasions that Sundar is the best industrial estate we have and should be given top priority.” Mr. Latif said that Sundar had stood by SNGPL during the energy shortages of the past and the special relationship between the two organizations will continue.”

He further added: “The efforts of the present government have paid off and we will have an abundance of gas for at least 15 years”. It is through such efforts, he added, that SNGPL will be able to facilitate requests for new gas connections by this coming June.

Senior Vice President Mr. Muhammad Asif Ali, Vice President Mian Fahim Qamar and Past President Mr. Irfan Qadri were also present at the meeting and represented BOM-SIE in the discussion with the SNGPL head.

Mr. Latif also informed BOM-SIE that the current ratio of gas supply for Sundar residents is 28% system gas and 72% LNG, thereby allowing SNGPL to provide gas at special subsidized rates. The Board applauded the vigorous efforts of Mr. Latif and his team in ensuring the supply of LNG. A special focal person was appointed by SNGPL at the request of BOM-SIE to address all future issues, especially with regards to billing.

There was unanimously consensus between both parties that the meeting was the most rewarding of the year for the 450 industries at Sundar Industrial Estate and the announcements will have great benefits for several years to come.

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