Weddings around the world have exceptional traditions that celebrate the connect between the couple. Venezuelan weddings are no unique. Their traditions are affected by Spanish, African, Italian, German, Portuguese and native cultures.

Food is a huge part of a venezuela wedding, specifically during the reception. Caterers provide a variety of foods, from the spanish dialect, community American, Playa da prata and Amerindian to Italian aliment.

A substantial spread of meals is a common occurrence at Venezuelan marriage ceremonies, and it is typically served which has a special cake that is made by the bride-to-be. This pastry could have a number of pieces of ribbon attached around that.

Throughout the reception, a fun traditions called ‘la hora loca’ occurs. This is how guests are encouraged to wear costumes and dance to music before the reception officially ends. During this time, they will be able to use noisemakers, specialized masks and ballroom dancers.

Another fun tradition is the ‘feather attraction’. During this ceremony, close friends will side down bracelets to friends that are considered to bring them all the best.

The exchange of coins is another Latina American marriage tradition that may be popular around the globe, including Venezuela. This is a method to wish the newlyweds bundle of money and prosperity.

Las damas y mis caballeros (maids and groomsmen) are very vital that you Venezuelan couples, hence they tend to have these people engaged inside the wedding. They will play online dating without a picture meet venezuelan singles several assignments, like taking good care of the bouquets and supplying the bride and groom a great gift before they leave.

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