President Message

President’s Message:

With digital revolution and people carrying the world of information & actions in their pockets, it is high time we make widespread and swift accessibility of information and services through digital platforms. With this aim, the SIE website during, the past few months, has gone through tremendous enhancements focused on the needs of Sundar Industrial Estate and its current as well as potential residents.

The new additions on the website are designed on a user-friendly interface concentrating on bringing different services and information just a click away for all residents like:

  • A new tab “Community” where residents can publish their success stories by submitting their content to IT department at SIE;
  • Online availability of SOPs pertaining to different services being offered by SIE
  • Integration of SIE website with PITC, as a result, PITC E-Bills can be downloaded from SIE website now.

A few features have been added particularly for BOM-SIE only, on top is the KPIs Dashboard having updated status of ongoing key projects.

Newly added features will directly support us to achieve our Vision 2020-2022 and significantly contribute towards furtherance of ease-of-doing-business approach.

SIE residents are encouraged to make use of the website for web services as well as share valuable insights to make the website more interactive and insightful in coming days.

Thank you,

Haroon Ali Khan
Board of Management,
Sundar Industrial Estate

CHT Pakistan Contribution

CHT Pakistan ALWAYS holds the torch whenever it connects with Pakistan, Corporate Social Responsibility, Environment and plantation.

In continuation to the celebration of Independence Day, a grand ceremony has been arranged this year to specially celebrate Diamond Jubilee of Pakistan. Besides other events, Green Pakistan has been a prime focus and following activities have been performed on this very concept;

  1. Plantation of cassia nodosa within office premises
  2. Phase wise replacement of cono-carpus plants with cassia nodosa in CHT Lane
  3. Missing spaces have been replenished with 100 x 6ft Neem plants (a climate conducive native plant) in the green belt in front CHT Pakistan
  4. Handing over of 1,000 x 6ft Neem plants to BOMSIE to be planted in SIE at following locations;
  5. 250 plants in Water tank # 06 park
  6. 200 plants along side boundary wall of Baangru checkpost in 03 rows
  7. 200 plants in Grid station park in 03 rows
  8. 350 plants as replacement of missing plants in different lanes
  9. Initiation of home plantation campaign in which every employee has been provided following 05 plants for home plantation;
  10. 02 x Moringa plants
  11. 01 x Neem
  12. 01 x Gul mohr
  13. 01 x Peach

Home plantation campaign has been commenced and led by the MD by planting Neem at home.


Dengue Prevention

Residents of SIE are requested to spray their premises with insecticides to reduce the spread of Dengue.
Following measures to be taken to curb the Dengue.
1. Discard stagnant water
2. Use WHO approved insecticides.
3. Raise awarness among the labour.

In case of emergency call 1032.


President BOMSIE Note to Community

Running an industry is no laughing matter – there are dozens of challenges that industrialists such as yourself face when starting a  new venture.

I am well aware of these challenges; being a resident industrialist,   I fully know the benefits and cons of setting up a factory in this day and age.

We can all provide testimony to the fact that Sundar is a haven compared to the other industrial areas within the country – the infrastructure, services, and transparency of operations are much higher than it’s closest competitors.

I aim to improve on this legacy. And my modus operandi remains the same as day 1: to focus on the issues that matter. The priority is to facilitate the residents in Sundar Industrial Estate.

It is important that our residents know that we are here to solve their issues. My office remains open to any of my resident members and I shall do my utmost to solve any difficulties that you face while running an industry in Sundar.

President Board Of Management Sundar Industrial Estate