President BOMSIE Note to Community

Running an industry is no laughing matter – there are dozens of challenges that industrialists such as yourself face when starting a  new venture.

I am well aware of these challenges; being a resident industrialist,   I fully know the benefits and cons of setting up a factory in this day and age.

We can all provide testimony to the fact that Sundar is a haven compared to the other industrial areas within the country – the infrastructure, services, and transparency of operations are much higher than it’s closest competitors.

I aim to improve on this legacy. And my modus operandi remains the same as day 1: to focus on the issues that matter. The priority is to facilitate the residents in Sundar Industrial Estate.

It is important that our residents know that we are here to solve their issues. My office remains open to any of my resident members and I shall do my utmost to solve any difficulties that you face while running an industry in Sundar.

President Board Of Management Sundar Industrial Estate


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Monsoon Relief Camp

The Board of Management Sundar Industrial Estate has organised a Monsoon Relief Camp in order to facilitate our resident factories in management of the excess rainwater within the Monsoon season while ensuring that the estate’s infrastructure remains operational.

The following numbers can be accessed for immediate help:

0323 5400 523
0323 5400 555

Sundar Times Mar-June Edition

The new edition of Sundar Times has been distributed throughout the estate. If you are a resident of the estate and have not received your copy – or are from a government organisation would like to receive a copy of it, kindly contact us through our numbers provided below.

Health & Safety: What You Need to Know

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Rising from the Rubble

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