Industrial Safety Unit

The Industrial Safety Unit is undergoing a major renovation: the new complex will provide housing for Board of Management Sundar Industrial Estate’s resident workers while providing cover to our international standard Industrial Safety Unit and Integrated Security System.

These coordinated services upgrade on the previous segregated systems and greatly add to our ability in resolving any contingency efficiently.

Installation of Solar System

The Board of Management SIE, with the help of Premier Energy, is on it’s way to installing a state-of-the-art Solar System to power it’s head office at Gate #2 of Sundar Industrial Estate. The 4.5 KV system will help ease of the electrical load at the Board’s office and will lessen it’s electricity costs substantially. The system is being sponsored by Premier Energy, a leading LED and Solar Power solutions provider within Pakistan.

Premier Energy is a leading UK-based company and it’s complete range of products may be visited at