CHT Pakistan ALWAYS holds the torch whenever it connects with Pakistan, Corporate Social Responsibility, Environment and plantation.

In continuation to the celebration of Independence Day, a grand ceremony has been arranged this year to specially celebrate Diamond Jubilee of Pakistan. Besides other events, Green Pakistan has been a prime focus and following activities have been performed on this very concept;

  1. Plantation of cassia nodosa within office premises
  2. Phase wise replacement of cono-carpus plants with cassia nodosa in CHT Lane
  3. Missing spaces have been replenished with 100 x 6ft Neem plants (a climate conducive native plant) in the green belt in front CHT Pakistan
  4. Handing over of 1,000 x 6ft Neem plants to BOMSIE to be planted in SIE at following locations;
  5. 250 plants in Water tank # 06 park
  6. 200 plants along side boundary wall of Baangru checkpost in 03 rows
  7. 200 plants in Grid station park in 03 rows
  8. 350 plants as replacement of missing plants in different lanes
  9. Initiation of home plantation campaign in which every employee has been provided following 05 plants for home plantation;
  10. 02 x Moringa plants
  11. 01 x Neem
  12. 01 x Gul mohr
  13. 01 x Peach

Home plantation campaign has been commenced and led by the MD by planting Neem at home.


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