ALERT- 20 Apr 23

In view of prevailing Security & Economic Situation, a potential theft & anti social threats are perceived.

Residents to ensure adequate alertness & Security arrangements within Plots premises.

Fol be also ensured .

1. Boundary wall plots to ensure presence of qualified trained Security staff with weapons , enhancing boundary wall Security lights & cameras .

2. Plots Under Construction ensure safe storing of construction materials under Security.

3. Proper Gate pass be ensured.

4. No Ching chi/ Rickshaw entry during holidays.

5. Plots with Foreigners workers to ensure implementation of Police dept issued SOPs .

6. 1032 Helpline/ Emergency is open 24/7

Contact no Duty Officer Sie. During holidays

Security Incharge: 0317 9997569

QRF: 0317 9998020

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